Accepted Papers

Full Papers

A Comparative Analysis of Article Recommendation Platforms – Rand Alchokr, Jacob Krüger, Thomas Leich and Gunter Saake (full paper)

A New Methodology to Bring Out Typical Users Interactions in Digital Libraries – Marwa Trabelsi, Cyrille Suire, Jacques Morcos and Ronan Champagnat (full paper)

A Toolbox for the Nearly-Unsupervised Construction of Digital Library Knowledge Graphs – Hermann Kroll, Jan Pirklbauer and Wolf-Tilo Balke (full paper)

Automatic Metadata Generation for Fish Specimen Image Collections – Joel Pepper, Jane Greenberg, Yasin Bakiş, Xiaojun Wang, Henry Bart and David Breen (full paper)

Comparing Personalized PageRank and Activation Spreading in Wikipedia Diagram-Based Search – Hisham Benotman and David Maier (full paper)

Diachronic Analysis of German Parliamentary Proceedings: Ideological Shifts through the Lens of Political Biases – Celina Kirschner, Tobias Walter, Steffen Eger, Goran Glavaš, Anne Lauscher and Simone Paolo Ponzetto (full paper)

Do You Think It’s Biased? How To Ask For The Perception Of Media Bias – Timo Spinde, Christina Kreuter, Wolfgang Gaissmaier, Felix Hamborg, Bela Gipp and Helge Giese (full paper)

Estimating Contemporary Relevance of Past News – Mari Sato, Adam Jatowt, Yijun Duan, Ricardo Campus, and Masatoshi Yoshikawa (full paper)

Garbage, Glitter, or Gold: Assigning Multi-dimensional Quality Scores to Social Media Seeds for Web Archive Collections – Alexander Nwala, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson (full paper)

GraphConfRec: A Graph Neural Network-Based Conference Recommender System – Andreea Iana and Heiko Paulheim (full paper)

Improved Discoverability of Digital Objects in Institutional Repositories Using Controlled Vocabularies – Lighton Phiri, Robert M’Sendo, Mayumbo Nyirenda, Bertha Chipangila, Eric Liswaniso, Andrew Mawila, Philomena Mwanza and Daisy Nawila (full paper)

It’s All About The Cards: Sharing on Social Media Probably Encouraged HTML Metadata Growth – Shawn Jones, Valentina Neblitt-Jones, Michele Weigle, Martin Klein and Michael Nelson (full paper)

Museum Experience into a Souvenir: Generating Memorable Postcards from Guide Device Behavior Log – Yoshiyuki Shoji, Kenro Aihara, Noriko Kando, Yuta Nakashima, Hiroaki Ohshima, Shio Takidaira, Masaki Ueta, Takehiro Yamamoto and Yusuke Yamamoto (full paper)

Newsalyze: Effective Communication of Person-Targeting Biases in News Articles – Felix Hamborg, Kim Heinser, Anastasia Zhukova, Karsten Donnay and Bela Gipp (full paper)

NoteLink: A Point-and-Shoot Linking Interface between Students’ Handwritten Notebooks and Instructional Videos – Ranjitha Jaddigadde Srinivasa, Samuel Dodson, Kyoungwon Seo, Dongwook Yoon and Sidney Fels (full paper)

Profiling Web Archival Voids for Memento Routing – Sawood Alam, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson (full paper)

Replaying archived Twitter: When your bird is broken, will it bring you down? – Kritika Garg, Himarsha R. Jayanetti, Sawood Alam, Michele C. Weigle and Michael L. Nelson (full paper)

S2AND: A Benchmark and Evaluation System for Author Name Disambiguation – Shivashankar Subramanian, Daniel King, Doug Downey and Sergey Feldman (full paper)

ScanBank: A Benchmark Dataset for Figure Extraction from Scanned Electronic Theses and Dissertations – Sampanna Yashwant Kahu, William A. Ingram, Edward A. Fox and Jian Wu (full paper)

Scientific Data Management for Interconnected Critical Infrastructure Systems – Gabriel Weaver (full paper)

Surfacing Collective Harms in Privacy Sensitive Data – Nic Weber (full paper)

Visualizating Feature-based Similarity for Research Paper Recommendation – Corinna Breitinger and Harald Reiterer (full paper)

Short Papers

A Deep Neural Architecture for Decision-Aware Meta-Review Generation – Asheesh Kumar, Tirthankar Ghosal and Asif Ekbal (short paper)

Are Neural Language Models Good Plagiarists? A Benchmark for Neural Paraphrase Detection – Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Norman Meuschke and Bela Gipp (short paper)

Automatic Metadata Extraction Incorporating Visual Features from Scanned Electronic Theses and Dissertations – Muntabir Choudhury, Himarsha R. Jayanetti, Jian Wu, William Ingram and Edward Fox (short paper)

Change Summarization of Diachronic Scholarly PaperCollections by Semantic Evolution Analysis – Naman Paharia, Muhammad Syafiq Mohd Pozi and Adam Jatowt (short paper)

COMPARE: A  Taxonomy and Dataset of Comparison Discussions in Peer Reviews – Shruti Singh, Mayank Singh and Pawan Goyal (short paper)

DRESS: Data-Repository Enhancer through Semantic Sources – Angel Luis Garrido and Carlos Bobed (short paper)

Exploring the Classification of Traditional Chinese Bibliographies through Interactive Visualization – Wenqi Li, Fengxiang Wang and Jun Wang (short paper)

MexPub: Deep Transfer Learning for Metadata Extraction from German Publications – Zeyd Boukhers, Nada Beili, Timo Hartmann, Prantik Goswami and Muhammad Arslan Zafar (short paper)

Pathways to Data: From Plans to Datasets – Anastasia Bennett, Will Sutherland, Yubing Tian, Megan Finn and Amelia Acker (short paper) 

References of References: How Far is the Knowledge Ancestry – Chao Min, Jiawei Xu, Tao Han and Yi Bu (short paper)

Resource Types linked in Academic Reading Lists  – Nandama Kumara, Annika Hinze, Nicholas Vanderschantz, Claire Timpany and Sarah-Jane Saravani (short paper)

Sharing is Caring! Joint Multitask Learning Helps Aspect-Category Extraction and Sentiment Detection in Scientific Peer Reviews – Sandeep Kumar, Tirthankar Ghosal, Prabhat Kumar Bharti and Asif Ekbal (short paper)

Strategies to Record, Annotate and Visualize and Parallel Structures in XML Documents – Marco Beck, Moritz Schubotz, Vincent Stange, Norman Meuschke and Bela Gipp (short paper)

Three Dimensions of Science: A Web Tool for 3{D}~Visualization of Scientific Literature – Jakub Swacha (short paper)