Workshop Proposals

*(Extended) Submission Deadline: 29 April 2021

Workshops are intended to draw together communities of interest, both those in established communities and those interested in discussion and exploration of a new or emerging issue. They can range in format from formal, perhaps centering on presentation of refereed papers, to informal, perhaps centering on an extended roundtable discussion among the selected participants. Organizers are expected to publicize their workshops and recruit participants. Workshop proposals must be submitted as two documents. The first document, in the IEEE conference proceedings format (, will be published in the proceedings and must be at most 2 pages.  This document must include: 

  • Title and short description
  • A statement of objectives for the workshop
  • The intellectual background for the workshop
  • Identification of expected audience
  • Biographies and contact details for workshop organizers
  • Anticipated outcomes of the workshop

The second document must be up to 2 pages in any format and must include

  • A description of how the workshop will run online, including how it will be inclusive for participants in all time zones.
  • A 100 word description for the JCDL website.
  • A workshop webpage URL (this need not be active at the time of submission).
  • If a workshop or closely related workshop has been held previously, information about the earlier sessions should be provided: dates, locations, outcomes, attendance, etc. 

This second document will not be included in the proceedings, and will be used for assessment purposes only.Workshop proposals are due via Easychair ( on 29 April 2021. If you have questions, please contact the workshop chairs prior to the due date:
Claire Timpany, University of Waikato
Alexander Nwala, Indiana University, Bloomington