Accepted Posters & Demonstrations

Printable List of Posters & Demos, including
Room Assignments for Gather.Town Poster Session

Academic Storage Cluster – Alexander von Tottleben, Cornelius Ihle, Moritz Schubotz and Bela Gipp

ACM-CR: A Manually Annotated Test Collection for Citation Recommendation – Florian Boudin

Analyzing Unconstrained Reading Patterns of Digital Documents Using Eye Tracking – Bhanuka Mahanama, Gavindya Jayawardena and Sampath Jayarathna

Are Altmetrics Proxies or Complements to Citations for Assessing Impact in Computer Science? – Yusra Shakeel, Rand Alchokr, Jacob Krüger, Gunter Saake and Thomas Leich

Assisted Text Annotation Using Active Learning to Achieve High Quality with Little Effort – Franziska Weeber, Felix Hamborg, Karsten Donnay and Bela Gipp

Automatic Recognition of Learning Resource Category in a Digital Library – Soumya Banerjee, Debarshi Kumar Sanyal, Samiran Chattopadhyay, Plaban Kumar Bhowmick and Partha Pratim Das

Building the COVID-19 Portal By Integrating Literature, Clinical Trials, and Knowledge Graphs – Aoshen Wan, Yan Zhan, Sanjana Tripathi, Jiarong Yang, Mona Sachdev, Shreya Paithankar, Joel Duerksen, Bin Chen and Ying Ding

Cell Block HTML: Towards Spreadsheet-based Text-Mining for the Masses – Benjamin Wheeler and David Bainbridge

ConSTR: A Contextual Search Term Recommender – Thomas Krämer, Zeljko Carevic, Dwaipayan Roy, Claus-Peter Klas and Philipp Mayr

Crowdsourced Linked Data Question Answeringwith AQUACOLD – Nicholas Collis and Ingo Frommholz

DSDB: An Open-Source System for Database Versioning & Curation – Jackson Brown and Nic Weber

Evaluating BERT’s Encoding of Intrinsic Semantic Features of OCR’d Digital Library Collections – Ming Jiang, Yuerong Hu, Glen Worthey, Ryan C Dubnicek, Ted Underwood and J Stephen Downie

Extending Chromium: Memento-aware Browser – Abigail Mabe, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson

Finding the Relevance Between Publication Venues Based on Research Trend Similarity and Citation Relationships – Tomoya Nishide and Marie Katsurai

Girl with a Pearl Earring:  Supporting  ‘Close Reading’ of Art in a Digital Library – Sally Jo Cunningham and Carolina Short

Hypercane: Intelligent Sampling for Web Archive Collections – Shawn Jones, Michele Weigle, Martin Klein and Michael Nelson

Incorporating Fairness in Paper Recommendation – Reem Alsaffar, Susan Gauch, Mohammed Alqahtani and Omar Salman

Visualizing the Evolution of Information Retrieval via the ACM Computer Classification Codes – Jan W. Buzydlowski and Lillian Cassel

Sharing the Past: the Library as Digital Co-design Space for Intergenerational Heritage Preservation – Peter Cobb, Esther Woo, Nicol Pan, Vivian Lou, Xiao Hu, Michael Cheng and Jesse Xiao

TASSY—A Text Annotation Survey System – Timo Spinde, Kanishka Sinha, Norman Meuschke and Bela Gipp

Towards A Reliable Ground-Truth For Biased Language Detection – Timo Spinde, David Krieger, Manuel Plank and Bela Gipp

Towards Transparent Data Cleaning: The DataCleaning Model Explorer (DCM/X) – Nikolaus Parulian and Bertram Ludaescher

TweetPap: A Dataset to Study the Social Media Discourse of Scientific Papers – Naman Jain and Mayank Singh

Understanding the Contributions of Junior Researchers at Software-Engineering Conferences – Rand Alchokr, Jacob Krüger, Yusra Shakeel, Gunter Saake and Thomas Leich

User-Centred Application for Modeling Journeys in Digital Libraries – Marwa Trabelsi, Cyrille Suire, Jacques Morcos and Ronan Champagnat

VeTo-web: A Recommendation Tool for the Expansion of Sets of Scholars – Serafeim Chatzopoulos, Thanasis Vergoulis, Theodore Dalamagas and Christos Tryfonopoulos

Weak Supervision for Scientific Document Relevance Tagging – Drahomira Herrmannova, Chathika Gunaratne, Vickie Walker, Andrew Rooney, Robert Patton, Mary Wolfe and Charles Schmitt

What Did It Look Like: A service for creating website timelapses using the Memento framework – Dhruv Patel, Alexander Nwala, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson

What Were People Searching For? A Query Log Analysis of An Academic Search Engine – Shaurya Rohatgi, Jian Wu and C. Lee Giles